Aqua Amore is a family business started by two brothers in 2007. Our company supplies excellent bottled waters and soft drinks to homes, businesses, restaurants (from Michelin-starred to local gems), five star hotels, coffee shops, delis, offices and workplaces – meeting the growing demand for mineral waters, healthy drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Aqua Amore understand the importance of bottled water for both hydration purposes and in a gastronomic environment. We also understand and appreciate the growing importance of non-alcoholic beverages such as healthy drinks, birch, maple and coconut waters, as well as soft drinks – all consumed by a everyday consumer with a growing knowledge and understanding of drinks. Moreover, with our growing understanding, Aqua Amore have helped guide and inspire a new generation of soft drinks.

We know waters are different to one another and that people have their preferences. What we also know is that not many people know why they like their favourite water – they just do – but with the various filters on this website, we’re helping you choose your favourites and tailor your preferences by helping refine your options such as mouthfeel, levels of carbonation, pH, minerality and so on.

Our ecommerce website allows you to buy a range of waters, ranging from ‘Naturally Sparkling’ (such as Vichy Catalan, Badoit, St Yorre, Borjomi, Saint Geron etc…), Luxury Hydration (such as Fiji Water, VOSS Water, Icelandic Glacial etc…), On-Premise and Office Boardroom Waters (such as Whitehole Springs, Sole Arte, Hildon, Belu, Sole Classic etc…), popular favourites (like Evian, Highland Spring, Volvic, San Pellegrino, Perrier, Glaceau SmartWater etc), ethical waters (such as ONE Ethical and Belu etc), water in environmentally-conscious packaging (such as Aquapax, CanOWater and Water in a Box etc..) holistic waters (such as Vichy Celestins or Fiuggi) and epicurean delights such as Iskilde, Chateldon and Vidago.

Furthermore, Aqua Amore were one of the very first wholesalers and retailers to introduce coconut waters, birch waters and maple waters to the UK (and European) market, and we take pride in our wide range which include popular favourites like Vita Coco, Sealand Birk, Jax Coco and the highly recommended ECOS, Sibberi, Amazing Forest Birch and TAPPED.

Aqua Amore work with some of Britain’s top sommeliers and gastronomes to discover more about waters, and also work with many established and aspiring soft drinks producers to understand the depth of ingredients, functionality and flavours – and pass all of this knowledge on to our customers.

Step by step, Aqua Amore actively grow the understanding and terminology of waters and soft drinks within the market – please join us on our journey.

Our Philosophy

We have a clear philosophy at Aqua Amore – to remain the UK’s leading authority on natural waters and invest resources into expanding the knowledge base around the contemporary political ‘hot potato’ that is bottled water.

Aqua Amore knows that there is value in drinking and enjoying natural waters; we are also aware that there is very little awareness and justification for paying for well, water in a bottle. After all, if we choose to ignore any rational arguments – we can turn on the tap if we’re thirsty – right?

We are working with some leading figures in the UK’s food and drink industry in order to better understand the value of waters consumed in a gastronomic setting.

What does this mean? Let’s say that you’re enjoying a nice, chilled glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

How is the plastic bottle of popular French water drunk alongside it going to affect the palate?

Will it transform the experience of the wine into a bitter aftertaste, or will it enhance the palate, making it altogether more enjoyable?

One wine, two completely different perceptions.

On another occasion, you might be sipping a non-chill filtered single Speyside malt. As one does, you ‘cut’ it with a little mineral water – Scottish, of course!

Does it enhance the bouquet and release all of the natural aromas, leading to a whisky that has a mouthfeel that is consistent with its weight, or does it stifle the aromas, making the whisky more ‘lightweight’ and less enjoyable?

One whisky, two different appreciations.

In a food environment, you may enjoy spicy pasta sauces, Tom Kra soups and Malaysian laksa curries.

Is the water that you drink with the meal going to wet your tongue and disappear down your throat without affecting the heat in the mouth, or is it going to coat the entire mouth, offering a sensation of cooling and refreshment from the spice?

One dish, two different experiences.

In some instances, we know the answers to these questions and in others, we don’t. Aqua Amore is dedicated to working with progressive-minded professionals in a systematic and methodical manner in order to better understand how intrinsic enjoyment of waters is in our gastronomic appreciation and restore faith in what is the most provenant of all liquids – natural mineral water.

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