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Meet… The Berry Company

The Berry Company was founded in 2007 by Khaled El-Yafi, who observed a pronounced shift among discerning consumers towards healthier and more exotic flavour choices. El-Yafi set about sourcing a range of antioxidant rich juice blends, to supply consumers with the nutritious juice they craved. Soon after, in 2010 Khaled held the first meeting with Aqua Amore, in order to list the original SKUs of Berry Company. At the time, Michael and I were looking to source a ‘clean’ fruit juice in cartons and found a great product range which our customers quickly warmed to.

Aqua Amore are one of The Berry Company’s most trusted and reliable UK Wholesalers, dating back several years. They have helped us grow both our home delivery and on-trade business significantly. Aqua Amore promote our brand on their platform with seamless and efficient ease, which has helped us to grow our sales with them steadily over time.

Khaled El-Yafi

The company’s first product was the delicious and naturally sweetened blueberry juice. Following the success of the wildly popular flavour, The Berry Company adventurously sourced more exotic juices and botanicals.

The richly delicious and multi textured Acai Berry and Goji Berry blends followed. The Berry Company experimented with these blends by combining the Amazonian Acai with pressed Raspberry and the Tibetan Goji berry with Passionfruit juice. These unique hybrid blends became internationally popular and both shaped and accelerated the company’s vision and mission to further develop and combine global flavours with botanicals from around the globe.

The botanicals included in their juice blends are handpicked from around the world as far as South America, South Africa and Madagascar, working with the very best flavour houses and plantation growers to develop blends with unique flavour notes, combining sweet, sour and savoury and with taste always remaining king. Their blends are truly international in every sense.

 With the outbreak of COVID-19, health and wellbeing was placed at the forefront of consumers’ minds more so than ever. 2020 saw a surge of buying within this sector, and now with a wealth of scientific support highlighting the natural benefits of berries, health-conscious consumers are looking to include natural supplements in their diets. This timing aligned perfectly with the increasing communication from our customers via the Aqua Amore e-tail site, with a renewed desire for healthy beverage consumption, both alongside orders of bottled waters and as a stand-alone.

The berries and botanicals used by The Berry Company contain large amounts of vitamins and include benefits that can boost immunity and lower blood sugar levels. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike, the blends are healthy, low in sugars and calories, and perfectly complement the world’s finest spirits to deliver the most exotic low-cal cocktails – when looking to have a little fun!

Below explains the exceedingly delicious ingredients and benefits that are ‘berried’ inside:

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