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Schweppes announce rebrand & launch of new 1783 tonic range

Schweppes, the market leading tonic and mixer brand, have announced a rebrand and launch of Schweppes 1783 brand – aiming to offer a range of premium tonics to the drinks market and Aqua Amore shall look to be a part of the brands growth via our leading eCommerce site.


The Schweppes 1783 brand was launched featuring five new flavours, including Golden Ginger Ale, Cucumber Tonic Water, Salty Lemon Tonic Water, Crisp Tonic Water and Light Tonic Water. Furthermore, in a nod to the brand’s appearance at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, the iconic Schweppes sash adorns the necks of the new bottles, whilst the new bottle shape is inspired by the original skittle bottle formed by brand founder Jacob Schweppe in 1783.

Simon Harrison, Coca-Cola European Partners customer marketing director, has stated

“Schweppes is an iconic brand with a strong British heritage, and 2017 marks a new chapter in the brand’s long and impressive history. Our new signature shaped skittle bottle will provide a premium exterior to the popular liquid and effervescence bottled inside.

Our new Schweppes 1783 range combines the perfect carbonation and balanced taste of Schweppes with natural ingredients and unique flavours. We have taken the time to seek guidance from mixologists and drinks experts to create this distinguished range of mixers that will appeal to new age of mixer drinkers that are keen to discover new taste combinations.

In short, the last quarter of 2017 is going to be massive for the Schweppes brand. The new look of Schweppes Classic, arrival of Schweppes 1783 and the unprecedented marketing support will continue to energise one of GB’s most loved soft drink brands in a year whereby we’re celebrating 225 years since Jacob Schweppes first came to London with his bottled bubbles. We’re confident the new campaign will encourage trial of the new 1783 range and drive sales and category growth for our customers.”

The team at Aqua Amore very much look forward to supplying the rebranded Schweppes Tonics & Mixers for our home, office and on-premise customers, whilst looking to add the unique 1783 to our growing portfolio of tonics.

Watch this space!