Badoit | Bottled Water | UK Delivery

Badoit is a Naturally Carbonated Natural Mineral Water that hails from Saint-Galmier, France. Renowned for its fine and delicate bubbles, Badoit is a staple at dining tables across France and beyond. With a high mineral content and a slightly acidic pH level, Badoit offers a saline taste and a thick and satisfying mouthfeel that complements a variety of dishes, making it a favourite choice for gourmet experiences.

Available in both glass and plastic bottles, Badoit brings the elegance of French dining to your home or office. Its effervescent character and naturally sparkling nature are a celebration of French culinary tradition, offering a sophisticated hydration experience for those with discerning tastes.

£45.99 Inc VAT (£38.33 Ex. VAT) available on subscription
£13.49 Inc VAT (£11.24 Ex. VAT) available on subscription