Our Customers

If you’re looking for bottled water, soft drinks, olive/coconut oils & non-alcoholic beverages supplied to your establishment, please contact us – we’ll be proud to work with you.

Some of the most remarkable establishments in the world are based in London; yours may already be, or might aspire to be amongst their number – and Aqua Amore is proud to have been supplying a growing number of you since our incorporation in 2007, learning our trade throughout the most challenging recession that we have ever experienced!

From hotels to spas, restaurants to cafés, yoga studios to artisan delis, Aqua Amore has the range and knowledge to either fulfil or consult with you on your requirements.

Aqua Amore has the UK’s largest selection of mineral waters and soft drinks. Our reputation and network is truly global and we are often the first port of call for new beverages wishing to enter the UK market.

With an extensive selection in each category, we can offer you what’s in demand or a valuable differentiation in your product offering. Aqua Amore can anticipate trends and identify the beverages that will deliver a repeatable margin to your business, whilst conveying a sense of engagement amongst your valuable clientele.

Our Service

Our operation runs from Monday to Friday, 0500hrs to 2000hrs. Our procedures are tried and tested, with an efficient operation. We are always looking to improve where we can.

We manage our deliveries to London and Home Counties with our in-house experience and unique know-how, with our own warehouse team and driving staff. Our management team have all been promoted from within Aqua Amore and understand our customers’ requirements. Our fleet of brand new vans meet stringent Euro 5 standards and are regularly maintained.

Our Assurance

Aqua Amore is a family business; we believe in accountability and working with our customers in order to achieve the best result.

We resolutely believe in adopting a ‘how-can-we?’, as opposed to a ‘why-should-we?’ attitude. Our world-class customer base is testament to Aqua Amore’s enduring reliability and professionalism in dealing with the unique demands of the on-trade within London and the UK.

Please contact us in confidence, assured that Aqua Amore is both a knowledgeable and reliable partner, to whom you can entrust your valuable business.

Our Distributors

Aqua Amore have an extensive network of global distributors specialising in premium waters, coconut waters and other soft drinks. Should you require a specific brand, or a variety products, Aqua Amore can offer you a single point of contact for logistical simplicity and financial economy.

We have also helped several distributors overseas with sourcing a variety of drinks which are delivered in one combined and complete shipment.

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