Pedras Salgadas | Bottled Water | UK Delivery

Pedras Salgadas, a naturally sparkling water from Portugal, is celebrated for its unique character and effervescence. Sourced from the Pedras Salgadas spa town, this water is rich in minerals, with a very rich TDS level and an acidic pH. The natural carbonation and high mineral content give Pedras Salgadas a distinctive taste, marked by a lively mouthfeel and a refreshing finish.

Available in elegant glass bottles, Pedras Salgadas is more than just water, it’s a symbol of Portuguese tradition and natural luxury. Ideal for those who enjoy robust and naturally sparkling mineral water.

£33.25 Inc VAT (£27.71 Ex. VAT) available on subscription
£24.35 Inc VAT (£20.29 Ex. VAT) available on subscription