Fiuggi | Bottled Water | UK Delivery

Fiuggi Water, sourced from the renowned thermal springs of Fiuggi in Italy, is much more than a refreshing beverage; it’s a historic wellness water. Revered for its therapeutic properties, Fiuggi Water is naturally filtered through ancient volcanic deposits, imbuing it with a unique mineral composition that has been valued for centuries. With a low TDS level and an acidic pH, Fiuggi Water offers a smooth, clean taste, making it a pleasant and healthful choice for daily hydration.

Fiuggi Water (a.k.a Acqua di Fiuggi) has been a popular addition to the Aqua Amore customer base since our first listing of the product online in 2009. Known predominantly as a natural healing water, Fiuggi is accredited by the National Health Service in Italy in the treatment of urinary calculi and its recurrence.

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