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Notice of withdrawal of recognition for natural mineral water

As a consequence, all natural mineral waters which obtained their recognition in or by an [...]

Meet… The Berry Company

The Berry Company was founded in 2007 by Khaled El-Yafi, who observed a pronounced shift [...]

Speyside Glenlivet – The end of an era. Deeside – The start of a new era.

Late in 2020, Highland Spring confirmed their intention to close the Braes of Glenlivet site [...]

Letter: Bottle recycling is better than lofty insouciance

– Article first published 9 April 2021 in The Financial Times John Gapper’s piece “Bottled [...]

UK/EU ‘Water Wars’ compromises health and well-being

Aqua Amore Ltd is very concerned to hear reports of a developing trade rift that [...]

Magnesium & Water

We had a customer enquiry recently which we thought we’d share with you.  If you [...]

An Aqua Amore journey to Caldes de Malavella

We have been thrilled that so many of you have been invigorated by Zac Efron’s [...]