Borjomi | Bottled Water | UK Delivery

Borjomi is a unique naturally sparkling mineral water, sourced from the Borjomi Gorge in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia. Known for its distinctive taste and high mineral content, Borjomi emerges from springs deep within the volcanic earth, enriched with natural carbonation and minerals. With a rich TDS level and an acidic pH, Borjomi offers an intense and memorable experience. It is sulphorous, saline, thick and gently carbonated with an abundance of minerals that your body will love.

Available in glass and plastic bottles, Borjomi is not just a refreshing beverage; it’s a piece of Georgian natural heritage, offering a taste of the region’s volcanic springs. Ideal for those who enjoy strong and effervescent mineral water, Borjomi is a perfect choice for both everyday refreshments and special occasions.

£34.39 Inc VAT (£28.66 Ex. VAT) available on subscription
£17.30 Inc VAT (£14.42 Ex. VAT) available on subscription