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Meet: punchy – Liquid Sunshine in a can!

Meet: punchy – Liquid Sunshine in a can!

Punchy make delicious soft drinks that help you feel punchy, available in great fridges across the UK and beyond. 

The business was started by 2 school mates in 2018, Paddy & Charlie, who saw an opportunity to create a new age soft drinks business that tapped into the growing demand for no and low options and healthier soft drinks. The guys had no drinks industry experience, but bucket loads of energy, a heavy sprinkle of naivety and a desire to have an impact. 

Taking inspiration from challenger beer brand success stories, punchy is adopting similar tactics to take on the bigger soft drinks players, leveraging clean natural ingredients, its eternal summer brand aesthetic, and a more sustainable, transparent supply chain as its advantages. 

Fast forward to 2024, since launch punchy has sold millions of cans with thousands of customers across the UK, and presence in 11 markets globally. The brand has over 500 5* reviews online and has been featured in the likes of The Times, The Guardian, VICE, Evening Standard, and Daily Mail, as well TV shows like Saturday Kitchen and Sunday Brunch.

Punchy boasts two product ranges, each strategically positioned to thrive in its respective market segment.

Its existing range of premium low calorie sodas are made to sip or mix, created with feel-good-all-natural-ingredients, and a splash of Vitamin D to help you catch the sun all year round. These products have sold millions of cans servicing the likes of British Airways, Hilton Hotels, Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Carrefour, Glastonbury, Ole & Steen and more, providing a brilliant alternative to sugary soft drinks, as well as a non-alc alternative, or a fantastic mixer with premium spirits. 

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, the team have been busy mixing up a revolutionary new range, launching in April 2024, tapping into the growing demand for functional beverages. Their new hydration range features a mix of real fruit, bubbles, electrolytes and minerals as well as Vitamin C & D to offer consumers a replenishing and revitalising caffeine free wellness blend. 

The range takes on existing old school players in the space such as Powerade and Lucozade, moving hydration away from a sports led positioning, into a more everyday, accessible space with a product that champions flavour, genuine efficacy, a clean ingredients list, and more sustainable packaging. The range is perfect as a daily pick me up, or post gym or post night out, lending itself to food service and the off-trade sector. The products are launching with national wholesalers such as Aqua Amore.

The punchy team are extremely ambitious, and are targeting becoming a household name in the coming years, widely enjoyed and trusted. They’re super excited to be partnering with Aqua Amore to help spread their Liquid Sunshine far and wide. Cheers!