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Magnesium & Water

We had a customer enquiry recently which we thought we’d share with you. 

If you are a fan of Hepar, this is because of the ‘elastic’ mouthfeel offered by the magnesium. It is described by Victoria Moore in her recent water tasting article in The Telegraph (subscription required).

In Hepar and Vittel, it also promotes a milky taste sensation, though magnesium can also promotes a taste of iron, not dissimilar to that of blood, on the palate. 

Our recommendations for waters characterised (by the feeling on the palate) by magnesium:


 Solan de Cabras

 Sant Aniol


We are certain that you’ll be exceedingly satisfied with any and all of these waters – they are all Natural Mineral Waters (NMW) too, which is the highest tier of EU classification for water, ensuring continuity of mineral content, bottling at source, a source that is free from contamination (microbiologically pure), no additives and a prominent source on the label.

Some information on Magnesium – a NMW must contain 50mg/L in order to claim ‘contains magnesium’ on the product label. It’s the ‘heart and mind’ mineral and promotes healthy skin. Of course, minerals in water are the most bio-available (readily accepted) of any food stuff.



SANT ANIOL   Sant Aniol’s Water comes from a spring, more than forty-thousand years old, protected by 600 hectares of virgin environment in La Vall de Llémena.    Mg 15.4 mg/l      


HEPAR   Hepar is sourced from Vosgas, France – very close to the source of Vittel. It is extremely rich in Magnesium which aids muscle contraction and the transmission of nerve impulses.    Mg 110 mg/l          


VITTEL   The health benefits of Vittel were first promoted by Louis Bouloumié in the 1850s, when he experienced the healing properties of mineral water    Mg 36 mg/l    


SOLAN DE CABRAS   Solán de Cabras is a popular water sourced from the province of Cuenca. The low levels of Sodium and trace metals made Solán de Cabras a prized water and it was declared a public utility in 1790 by King Carlos IV. Mg 25.8 mg/l            


CONTREX   Contrex was first discovered by King Louis XV personal physician Dr. Bagard and is sourced from Contrexville, France. It boasts a  a strong presence of Magnesium. Mg 74.5 mg/l  


BADOIT    Badoit is a naturally carbonated water from natural sources in Saint-Galmier, France. Its popularity is due to it’s digestive-aid qualities owing to the high levels of Bicarbonates   Mg 85 mg/l