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UK/EU ‘Water Wars’ compromises health and well-being

Aqua Amore Ltd is very concerned to hear reports of a developing trade rift that threatens to deny UK residents access to the vital minerals contained within Natural Mineral Water.

As published in The Daily Telegraph on 20 February 2021, it has been reported that the UK has threatened the EU with a ban on European bottled mineral waters in response to the on-going European ban on UK shellfish.

Should such retaliatory action take place, the UK’s citizens would immediately be denied access to an essential source of naturally occurring minerals such as magnesium, sulphates, bicarbonates and chloride. None of these are to be found in significant quantities within Natural Mineral Water originating from the British Isles, due to the absence of volcanic regions.

The EU and UK recognise the impact of minerals on the body and regulate the declaration of minerals on the label, when nominated levels are met or exceeded. This is because minerals in water are the most bio-available of any food source i.e. naturally occurring calcium consumed in water is more readily absorbed efficiently by the body than in, say, milk or cheese.

One of the contradictions of Natural Mineral Water is that the value of the minerals are often under-valued outside of societies that possess mineral-rich water >1500mg/L. As mentioned above, this is possibly the consequence of the absence of volcanic regions in the UK, so that most of the Natural Mineral Waters are of a low mineral content <500mg/L.

This means that such a ban would not fail ”to penalise UK consumers unnecessarily’ as suggested by Patrick O’Flynn in his Daily Telegraph comment piece, quite the contrary. Whilst the sources of domestic waters are indeed located in areas of outstanding natural beauty and have many virtues of their own, one cannot substitute low mineral waters for high mineral waters and receive identical health benefits. Aqua Amore proudly stock a wide range of mineral and spring waters from the British Isles. An example of a mineral rich UK water would be Whitehole Springs water from Somerset, which boasts a very high level of calcium from it’s source within the Mendip Hills – witnessed by the build up of naturally occurring Tufa.

Natural Mineral Waters are the most highly regulated and tested food source within the European Union, which in turn results in very accurate mineral analysis. As outlined in our ‘Magnesium Waters’ blog post the minerals contained within each unique water source, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonates, sodium etc, are available in distinctly high volumes and are often essential sources for health and wellness.

Mineral waters such as Vichy Celestins from France have been long used for the treatment of gout, whereas Italy’s Fiuggi water is accredited by the national health service in Italy in the treatment of urinary calculi (kidney stones) and its recurrence – something a UK government ban would prevent from being a natural treatment option for residents.

Aqua Amore therefore call upon both the European Union and UK government to find an urgent resolution to the current ‘water wars’ which threaten the supply of a healthy, natural and vital food stuff to the people of the UK.