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VOSS Water adds two new flavoured waters – Strawberry/Ginger & Raspberry/Rose

Following the success of their flavoured water range, Norwegian mineral water company, VOSS, have added a further two varieties of flavoured sparkling waters, Strawberry/Ginger & Raspberry/Rose, immediately launched in UK on Aqua Amore (of course!).

As stockists of the full range of VOSS Water to both homes and offices (via our retail site) and on-premise establishments around London and Surrey, the team at Aqua Amore were keen to offer another platform for VOSS to meet their target market in the UK.

The VOSS team heavily researched the UK market following the initial success of their three existing flavours in order to decide upon the new options, before deciding upon Strawberry/Ginger and Raspberry Rose, which is aimed to compliment a variety of foods and spirits.

Ken Gilbert, CMO of VOSS Water stated (2017):

“Sparkling water is currently one of the fastest growing categories in beverages, with flavored sparkling growing even more quickly, as consumers look for healthier alternatives to sweetened, caloric drinks…”

Together with the original VOSS Flavoured Waters, Lemon & Cucumber, Tangerine & Lemongrass and Lime/Mint, VOSS have aimed to meet consumer premium demands:

  • Offering different and delicious flavor combinations
  • All natural
  • Unsweetened/0 calories
  • Available in Iconic and distinctive glass bottles
  • Made with VOSS artesian water from Norway

Please click here to discover more about VOSS Water and Aqua Amore.

Burton On Trent & the magic of the water

This evening Burton Albion welcome reigning Premier League champions and League Cup holders, Manchester City, in the Carabao Cup looking to overturn a 9-0 first leg loss. But whilst the magic may not be in the cup tonight, the magic may indeed be in the water the famous brewing town in built around.

Burton on Trent rests in a river valley built on ancient rock covered with up to sixty feet of gravel and sand which the water has trickled through for thousands of years, giving it a unique mineral content high in sulphate, magnesium and calcium but low in sodium and bicarbonate – ideal for the brewing of beer and making the town a famous brewing region.

“…the one spot in the world where the well-water is so obviously intended by Nature for kindly union with those fruits of the earth, to give beer incomparable” – U.S. Virgin Island’s Daily News, 1939

1939 advertisement extolling the virtues of Burton-on-Trent’s water from U.S. Virgin Island’s Daily News

Such is the reputation of the region’s water, which gifts the beer a dry sulphurous aroma known as the “Burton snatch” that a 2016 BBC article documented that brewers in China are adding gypsum and salts such as magnesium sulphate to the local water to replicate the famous eggy smell.

However, long before Burton became famous for it’s brewing water, the water itself was the reason for the town’s existence according to folklore dating to the 7th Century AD when an Irish nun named Modwen stopped to rest on an island in the River Trent during a pilgrimage to Rome and, settling there, built a temple.

Saint Modwen

Whilst in Burton on Trent, the tale describes how a young boy with a terminal illness was sent to her and, using the waters from a well on the island, Modwen cured him of his ailments. The boy was to grow up to be King Alfred the Great. The legend itself would bring visitors to the region and ‘Modwen’s Well’ is documented as still being used in the seventeenth century for the treatment of ailments of the skin and eyes.

There may be no miracles taking place this evening in the Carabao Cup, but perhaps the magic still lies in the water of Burton on Trent….


  • Christopher Tanousis


The source of this blog post was inspired from an article in All About Beer Magazine and the previously linked BBC article. All images are subject to Copyrights which are not owned by Aqua Amore and sourced from links here, here and here.

Vichy Catalan – “The mineral water that’s definitely not for wusses” [FT how to spend it]

In February 2011, Paul Richardson of the Financial Times ‘how to spend it’ wrote:


“If there is no bottle of my favourite Spanish mineral water in my fridge door, I panic. For that reason I buy in crates of the stuff so I won’t be without. In summer I get through it at a rate of bottle a day. It is a fabulous thing to wake up to, even before the coffee and toast, and long hot afternoons wouldn’t be the same without a big glass with plenty of ice and a dash of fresh lime juice or elderflower cordial.”


Please click here to read the article.




Actiph Water – What is the story behind the UK’s first ionised alkaline water?

Actiph Water is the first alkaline ionised water launched in the UK, with a pH level of 9.0 or higher, for those people looking to find a balance to the acidic food and drink they consume daily.

The Actiph story began when Jamie Douglas-Hamilton set two Guinness World Records rowing 4,200 miles from Australia to Africa across the Indian Ocean. On this unsupported expedition, the crew pulled more than a million strokes through enormous seas and 3 major storms one of which was a hurricane.

With the rowing broken into 2-hour shifts, 24 hours a day, physical demands were so extreme that the rowers were burning between 8-10,000 calories a day and drinking 13 litres of water and crew members would often pass out or have vivid hallucinations.

One day would change everything.  A member of the crew mixed his freshwater with seawater; the effect was so profound the crew started to mix every second bottle of drinking water with one third sea water, replacing essential minerals.  This had a dramatic effect, reducing hallucinations, increasing power and giving the crew the energy to continue. It became evident how vital a role hydration plays in performance and wellbeing. This is how Actiph began.

Jamie then learnt that the Japanese have a water that is ionised, supercharging it to create high pH alkaline water. They call this ‘waterfall water’ because of the change of electrical charge created by rushing water in a waterfall. This sparked a desire for Jamie to bring ionised, alkaline water to Europe. After months of research and development in October 2017 Actiph launched in the UK.

Actiph is made by purifying spring water from Shropshire, adding electrolytes, then supercharged by ionisation to remove all the acidic ions leaving a smooth tasting alkaline water.

Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Actiph Water, explained: “Actiph water is unlike any other water available here, because of the unique way we make it and its high alkaline level. Our consumers keep telling us drinking alkaline ionised water makes them feel great”.

Actiph wanted to work with Aqua Amore to supply the first alkaline ionised water to people in the UK and Europe. Aqua Amore has helped guide and act as a platform for new soft drinks such as Actiph. Actiph has some exciting plans over the coming months to help more consumers enjoy alkaline ionised water.




February 2018, Aqua Amore has won the Feefo Gold Service award, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers.

Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded only to those businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine ratings and reviews. Those that meet the high standard, based on the number of reviews they have collected, and their average rating, are awarded. A badge of honour, this accreditation remains unique, as it is based purely on the interactions with verified customers. As all reviews are verified as genuine, the accreditation is a true reflection of a business’ commitment to outstanding service.

Aqua Amore met the criteria of collecting at least 50 reviews between January 1st 2017 and December 31st 2017, with a Feefo service rating of between 4.5 and 5.0.

Christopher Tanousis, Director of Aqua Amore commented: “It’s an honour to receive this award from Feefo. To be recognised for delivering exceptional experiences to our customers is a great achievement. We’ve been working hard to ensure our customers receive the best service possible, and being able to listen, understand and respond to their needs has enabled us to improve our offering in 2017. We’re looking forward to another successful year ahead.”

Speaking on this year’s award, Andrew Mabbutt, CEO at Feefo, commented: ‘The Trusted Service award has always been about recognising those companies that go the extra mile. Once again, we have seen many incredible businesses using Feefo to its full potential, to provide truly memorable experiences for their customers – and rightly being awarded with our most prestigious accreditation. I look forward to the continual success of the businesses that work in partnership with Feefo throughout 2018.’

Plastic Bottles: Meet the producers behind water in alternative packaging and an insight into a proposed recycling future for Britain

A photograph of Selfridges’ water selection featuring water in cans, cartons and glass bottles, largely sourced from Aqua Amore

On the virtual shelves of Aqua Amore, water can be found in a variety of packaging – glass, cans, plastic and cartons – suitable for occasion, function, type and preference (our unique filters help meet objectives here). Two years since we worked with Selfridges in the launch of the Planet Ocean campaign and sourcing of water in alternative bottles, cans and cartons for their stores, we revisit the topic of plastic bottles, recycling and the rise of alternative consumer options.

Within a global society of consumer choice, a growing awareness of waste and recycling is of primary importance, with plastic bottles increasingly entering the debate due to their ability to be recycled but the thus far lower recycling rate and eventual journey to seas, rivers and waterways. This article seeks to focus on natural waters in alternative packaging and introduce the producers behind the brands AQUAPAX and CanO Water with whom we work closely, through detailed conversations and interviews, whilst exploring the growing movement behind the implementation of a deposit return scheme in England and Scotland.


Neil Tomlinson, founder of AQUAPAX, recalls childhood walks at the beach as a child before the proliferation of plastic resulted in increased littering of plastic bags, bottles and packaging, citing this as a motivation to find an alternative solution. Neil explaining,

“I can’t bear what we’ve done to our oceans and beaches, rivers and lakes – plastic is everywhere, polluting marine and aquatic life in perpetuity.”

Soon after, once a process of researching the most appropriate packaging and a suitable mineral water being sourced, AQUAPAX was born; “‘AQUA~PAX means ‘Water of peace’ in Latin! It is a premium quality water brand based around an ecologically sensible paper carton, containing wonderfully pure, neutral pH balanced natural mineral water. The carton format seals the water fresh, protected from light and air, ‘at peace’ giving it an indefinite storage life if stored under ideal conditions.”

With a background as Director of Innovation & Growth at South East Water, Neil was responsible for water quality at the public water utility so accumulated an understanding of what would make a balanced mineral water product, his research taking him to Germany to source a neutral pH balanced natural mineral water. So, where does AQUAPAX fit into the current market, we asked Neil

“AQUAPAX is the conscience of the bottled water market! We were the first to develop and embrace an alternative package format! At a more basic water quality level, it’s the unspoilt terroir which allows our water to accumulate deep underground, protected from potentially contaminating elements and an analytical quality that makes it suitable for all diets, including infants!”

Image result for aquapax
Neil Tomlinson, founder of AQUAPAX, with a celebrity fan

CanO Water

A similar experience motivated Ariel Booker, co-founder of CanO Water, to look for an alternative means of packaging water after visiting an island in Thailand polluted with plastic and thinking of ways to help solve the problem alongside his co-founders, Josh White and Perry Alexander Fileding. The result: CanO Water, still and sparkling spring water from an Austrian alpine source in a resealable aluminium can, something Josh explains as ‘a product that not only looked great but served a purpose and acted as a realistic solution to the growing problem plastic is having on our environment’.

“Our aim” explains Josh “is to educate people on the benefits of aluminium vs plastic and to remove a large amount of plastic bottles from circulation, whilst offering a resealable option”. The strength of their design and drinks package have secured listings with Selfridges, London Zoo and Aqua Amore whom they describe as ‘the forward thinking distributor’. Enthusiastically continuing, Josh explains “CanO Water appeals to an 18-30-year-old. On-the-go, health, brand and environmentally conscious individual. As well as this CanO Water can appeal to anyone who drinks water!”.

Josh White, Perry Alexander Fielding and Ariel Booker, founded CanO Water, which, with a resealable lid, is designed to be environmentally friendly 
Josh White, Perry Alexander Fielding and Ariel Booker, founded CanO Water, which, with a resealable lid, is designed to be environmentally friendly (photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

Recycling and the proposed DRS

With the current rate of aluminium recycling increasing in UK, and approximately 75% of all aluminium ever produced since 1888 still in current use, and glass widely recycled – is the solution to increase awareness and encourage more active recycling of plastic materials and packaging, including plastic bottles with 57% currently recycled in England?

As a co-founder of Aqua Amore, it has been my long term argument that a solution must be found within society for active recycling for all recyclable materials to co-exist with increased consumer choices.

Following Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement that Scotland would introduce a deposit return scheme (DRS), environment secretary Michael Gove also addressed the issue at the Conservative party conference. He would seek to work with the industry to discover how a ‘return and reward’ scheme may be implemented in England over a four week period with a working group set to report their findings early in 2018.

Aiming to continue on the existing path of progress, Mr Gove hoped that a DRS would add to the positive steps the UK made having “significantly reducing plastic bag use and drawing up one of the world’s toughest bans on microbeads“. Successful deposit return schemes have already been introduced in several European countries including Denmark and Germany, where 90% of bottles are returned for recycling.

Mr Gove said: “We must protect our oceans and marine life from plastic waste if we are to be the first generation to leave our environment in a better state than we found it.

“That means tackling the rise in plastic bottles entering our waters by making it simpler and easier to recycle and dispose of them appropriately.”

In a Guardian article, the newspaper documents a report released on 11 October 2017 jointly commissioned by Keep Britain Tidy, the Marine Conservation Society, Surfers Against Sewage, Campaign to Protect Rural England and Reloop. The report found that whilst local authorities would lose income from the reduced number of cans and plastic bottles in kerbside collections to sell to recyclers, savings made from having fewer containers to collect, reduced levels of littering and reduced landfill charges would outweigh the loss of revenue.

Alison Ogden Newton, CEO of Keep Britain Tidy, preparing to launch the DRS report with Victoria Prentis MP

Samantha Harding, from the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said: “There are no longer any valid arguments that DRS doesn’t work and the environmental case is crystal clear. For our coasts and countryside, the cost of not taking action will be far greater than any incurred by the parts of industry that are trying to block this. Michael Gove can now build on the success of the government’s bag charge and the ban on microbeads by confirming England will have a deposit system.

Hugo Tagholm, from Surfers Against Sewage, said: “Deposit refund schemes are a tried-and-tested way of dramatically increasing recycling rates while reducing plastic bottle and other container pollution on our beaches, in our streets and across the countrysideThis report now clearly shows that introducing a DRS for England would also benefit local economies and communities, saving councils money that could be redirected to vital frontline services.”

A deposit return scheme would most certainly seem to be the most suitable and workable solution to offset the increase in plastic bottle waste in oceans and case studies of Germany and Denmark offer a greater sense of optimism. Alongside alternative packaging for water in glass bottles, cartons and aluminium cans, we’re proud to be working with producers pushing practical innovations which can be seamlessly incorporated into consumer choices to enable informed decisions.

The Aqua Amore website itself features our unique filters which allow consumers to choose between the desired packaging for the beverages of choice. Meanwhile, in all our Aqua Amore order confirmation emails a link can be found which enables customers to locate their nearest recycling centres for glass, plastic and aluminium cans, in the absence of using local council services, something we strongly encourage and urge the use of. We hope that the adoption of a DRS in England and Scotland will encourage a greater amount of bottles to be recycled and that in time glass and metals can also be incorporated in the scheme.

So what does the future hold for our friends at CanO Water and AQUAPAX, Josh predicts that CanO will ‘be available in a range of different flavours and sizes as the go-to alternative for plastic water bottles‘, whilst Neil is confident that his #ditchtheplastic campaign will see a growth in the brand alongside increased awareness of the product, pointing to sponsorship events such as Dunhill Masters International Golf Tournament and a wonderful alliance with The Kia Oval as cornerstones of a move to a future where high quality water in alternative packaging becomes more mainstream’.

Aqua Amore will be there every step of the way.

Schweppes announce rebrand & launch of new 1783 tonic range

Schweppes, the market leading tonic and mixer brand, have announced a rebrand and launch of Schweppes 1783 brand – aiming to offer a range of premium tonics to the drinks market and Aqua Amore shall look to be a part of the brands growth via our leading eCommerce site.


The Schweppes 1783 brand was launched featuring five new flavours, including Golden Ginger Ale, Cucumber Tonic Water, Salty Lemon Tonic Water, Crisp Tonic Water and Light Tonic Water. Furthermore, in a nod to the brand’s appearance at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, the iconic Schweppes sash adorns the necks of the new bottles, whilst the new bottle shape is inspired by the original skittle bottle formed by brand founder Jacob Schweppe in 1783.

Simon Harrison, Coca-Cola European Partners customer marketing director, has stated

“Schweppes is an iconic brand with a strong British heritage, and 2017 marks a new chapter in the brand’s long and impressive history. Our new signature shaped skittle bottle will provide a premium exterior to the popular liquid and effervescence bottled inside.

Our new Schweppes 1783 range combines the perfect carbonation and balanced taste of Schweppes with natural ingredients and unique flavours. We have taken the time to seek guidance from mixologists and drinks experts to create this distinguished range of mixers that will appeal to new age of mixer drinkers that are keen to discover new taste combinations.

In short, the last quarter of 2017 is going to be massive for the Schweppes brand. The new look of Schweppes Classic, arrival of Schweppes 1783 and the unprecedented marketing support will continue to energise one of GB’s most loved soft drink brands in a year whereby we’re celebrating 225 years since Jacob Schweppes first came to London with his bottled bubbles. We’re confident the new campaign will encourage trial of the new 1783 range and drive sales and category growth for our customers.”

The team at Aqua Amore very much look forward to supplying the rebranded Schweppes Tonics & Mixers for our home, office and on-premise customers, whilst looking to add the unique 1783 to our growing portfolio of tonics.

Watch this space!


VOSS Water adds a third flavoured water – Lime & Mint

Following the success of their flavoured water range, Norwegian mineral water company, VOSS, have added a third variety of flavoured sparkling waters, Lime & Mint, immediately launched in UK on Aqua Amore (of course!). As stockists of the full range of VOSS Water to both homes and offices (via our retail site) and on-premise establishments around London and Surrey, the team at Aqua Amore were keen to offer another platform for VOSS to meet their target market in the UK.     The VOSS team heavily researched the the market in order to decide upon a third option, before deciding upon Lime & Mint, which is aimed to compliment a variety of foods and spirits. Ken Gilbert, CMO of VOSS Water stated:
“Sparkling water is currently one of the fastest growing categories in beverages, with flavored sparkling growing even more quickly, as consumers look for healthier alternatives to sweetened, caloric drinks… The new VOSS Lime Mint flavor scored extremely well with flavored sparkling water drinkers and satisfies our consumers’ quest for healthier options.”
Together with the original VOSS Flavoured Waters, Lemon & Cucumber and Tangerine & Lemongrass, VOSS have aimed to meet consumer premium demands:
  • Offering different and delicious flavor combinations
  • All natural
  • Unsweetened/0 calories
  • Available in Iconic and distinctive glass bottles
  • Made with VOSS artesian water from Norway
  Furthermore, Voss Water engaged Dara Lyubinsky, Co-Founder and Chef at The Gather Company based in Washington D.C to display the versatility of the Lime & Mint Beverage. Dara explaining,
” When VOSS asked me to create a cocktail with their delicious new flavor, I was excited to come up with fun and tasty beverages both with and without alcohol.  The mint and lime combo especially lends itself to endless options to pair with light and delicious seasonal menus.”
  Please click here to discover more about VOSS Water and Aqua Amore.

VOSS – Flavoured Sparkling Water range arrives in UK

It was early August 2016 when we sat down at Aqua Amore HQ for a regular meeting with our friends from Voss Water who promised a very special announcement. Naturally we had an idea what it could be, but were eager to discover and sample the very latest addition to the VOSS Water range, and therefore, the Aqua Amore drinks portfolio: VOSS Flavoured Waters.

The two flavours we were presented with were Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass, adequately chilled in advance of our sampling session by our well prepared partners at Voss, Peter and Alina. Both were very well received as healthy flavoured sparkling waters in a glass bottle, with sophisticated and balanced flavours – tangerine lemongrass being my personal favourite due to the uniqueness of flavour in the UK market.

No sooner were we getting excited for the launch of the new varieties, were we sworn to social media silence and asked to delay our launch until late January 2017! As the famous saying goes, “good things come to those who wait”.

Flavoured Waters are not a new concept to the UK market, with products such as Volvic Touch of Fruit and POW available in shop fridges throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for over 12 months, but from the very first tasting we recognised that the VOSS flavoured water was a different category and representative of the recent evolution in non-alcoholic beverages and health drinks pre-dating the ‘Sugar Tax’ of April 2016 which shone a spotlight on the soft drinks market – unsweetened flavoured water.

When researching the creation of VOSS flavoured sparkling water, their team looked to create two all natural flavours which would be pleasant to drink on their own but would also complement a variety of spirits and foods – aiming to pair the flavour combinations with a range of meals ‘from Asian fusion to the classic steak and potatoes’.

What Ken Gilbert, CMO of VOSS Water of Norway, said:

“Our drinkers are loyal and enjoy exploring water-based beverages.  They love our natural sparkling water and, via our robust social media channels, asked for interesting combination flavours to complement the line.  We obliged of course.

VOSS new flavored sparkling waters are:

  • Unique and delicious flavour combinations
  • Available in Iconic and distinctive glass bottle
  • Made with VOSS artesian water from Norway
  • All natural
  • Unsweetened / 0 calories


Finally, on Monday 23 January 2017, Aqua Amore were proud to announce the addition of VOSS Flavoured Sparkling Water – Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass – to our drinks portfolio… and received our first order for delivery to a London home just twelve minutes later!

For more information, please see:

To buy Voss Flavoured Water (Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass) please see:


Vita Coco TV Commercial

Vita Coco, producers of a wide range of coconut waters have announced that their first ever television commercial has been released for Summer 2016.

We’re proud to be part of their growth, and are proud stockists of the whole range of Vita Coco (click here to buy).

Check out their tv commercial below!